Ceropegia swaziorum   (D. V. Field)

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This plant belongs to the non succulent species and has an subterranean tuber with a size of up to 8 cm in diameter.

The twining stem is usually unbranched, pubescent and grows up to a length of about 1 m.

The leaves, which are hirsute on both sides, have an about 2 cm long pubescent petiole and are 6 to 8 cm long and about 2 cm wide. They are broad lancet-shaped, the leaf base is sometimes heart-shaped. The edges of the leafes are irregularly dentate.

The flowers appear solitary or in small groups of two to four on the nodes. The flower base is only slightly swollen. It is white resp. rose-coloured and shows some reddish brown stripes. The narrowly flower tube is flesh-coloured to dark brown, the united petals are dark brown as well.

This species produces many seed pods, which have an up to 2 cm long stalk and can become as long as 9 cm.

left and below:

Ceropegia swaziorum, flower and seed pods

Photos: by courtesy of Kate Braun



- D. V. Field: Two New African Species of Ceropegia (Asclepiadaceae) and a Reconsideration of C. subaphylla. Kew Bull. 37(2): 305-313 1982